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EPA releases Hazardous Waste Determination Evaluation

73608782f50eb6af17bb69bdcd662692_XLEPA conducted a survey to evaluate compliance with RCRA Hazardous Waste determination and has recently released the results of that study and we wanted to share key information with you.

EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle C regulations are designed as a cradle-to-grave system to ensure proper hazardous waste (HW) management and thereby protect human health and the environment. RCRA’s HW determination regulations (40 CFR 262.11), require entities that generate waste to determine if it is a HW.

The average non-compliance rate with RCRA HW determination regulations across the United States is 34 percent, based on an analysis of HW determination violations identified during EPA or EPA-contractor led comprehensive evaluation investigations recorded in RCRAInfo over the last 10 years.

The following five sectors have the highest HW determination non-compliance rates:

1. Printed circuit board manufacturing

2. Copper foundries

3. Hospitals

4. Colleges, universities, and professional schools

5. Fabricated structural metal manufacturing

To find out how we can help you determine if you are in non-compliance or if you need help with a waste management plan, please contact Heather Woodward.

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