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The Most Common Hazardous Waste Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Hazardous Waste ManagementHazardous waste management mistakes are unfortunate, can amount to costly fines, and lead to a tarnished reputation in your community. Fortunately, hazardous waste management mistakes are avoidable. The following errors are a few of the most common violations noted during inspections:

1. Improper Container Labeling

Improperly labeling hazardous waste containers can create an unsafe workplace and lead to costly fines. Knowing how to label containers correctly and how to identify waste management mistakes will help your facility stay in compliance and help prevent workplace accidents. The identification and labeling of waste containers notify individuals who may encounter container of its contents and associated hazards.

2. Open Containers

Waste containers that are not correctly closed, latched, or sealed are not only a RCRA violation but a workplace safety hazard. Ensuring that employees are trained on the container closure requirements and immediately addressing open containers will keep your facility/site safe and prevent costly violations.

3. Failure to Perform Hazardous Waste Determinations

Hazardous waste generators are required to make accurate waste determinations to properly manage and dispose of wastes generated on their site. Failure to perform this key step can have a cascading effect that can lead to additional violations including improper container labeling, failure to dispose of hazardous waste promptly, improper management, and unauthorized disposal of hazardous waste. Additionally, hazardous waste determinations help prevent workplace safety issues by identifying and communicating hazards associated with that waste.

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