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Releases, spills, and overflows……nobody ever wants to hear those words. However, despite the best precautions, accidents happen or systems fail, and you need to be prepared.  From the initial spill response, to the critical first 24 hours of Site activities, there is a lot to do and a lot to process.

Over the past several weeks, W&M has assisted a number of clients with Spill Response Environmental Consulting. Most recently, W&M responded to two crude oil pipeline ruptures and a sewer line break, all in the last few weeks.  W&M was requested to assist with on-Site spill oversight, develop a plan for assessment and delineation of the impacted spill zone, and devise a plan to mitigate the issue.  W&M staff worked side by side with the Oil Spill Response Organizations (OSROs) contractors, the regulatory agency’s response managers, and the client’s environmental staff to control the releases, identify the horizontal and vertical extent of the impacted spill zone, assist with waste characterization and profiling of impacted material, and provide health and safety oversight throughout the process.  W&M has helped these specific Clients (all are oil & gas companies) define the extent of the impacted soils and will further assist with waste disposal and remediation options to move the site towards closure with the appropriate agencies.

Due to the high demand for Spill Response Consulting from our Clients, W&M has developed a corporate Spill Response team which is on-call 24 hours a day and provides rapid response capabilities to address spills. W&M has certified spill-response staff in our offices in Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area which allows for rapid mobilization of key staff  to support Clients throughout much of Texas and Oklahoma.

For more information on W&M’s Spill Response Capabilities, contact Austin Heider at 713-401-0855, or [email protected].

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