A.D.D.ing It All Up

We never thought we would want to write about this topic, much less need to write about it. Unfortunately, it is the reality we live in. We all spend much of our day in office areas with dozens of co-workers, a good portion of us are parents with school-aged children, and we spend a large part of our lives in congested areas (shopping malls – while they still exist, hospitals, churches, etc.) – each potentially susceptible to attack Adapting to an unfortunate reality Active shooter situations are occurring at an alarming rate and don’t appear to be limited to a specific race, culture, demographic, or even physical region. What makes active shooter situations so frightening is that there is no real outward rhyme or reason as to when and where they occur. They are unpredictable by nature. They typically involve only one or two shooters that have a plan (well developed
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