MSD for South Dallas Property

W&M was contacted by the City to assist a community non-profit organization with the environmental closure of a solvent plume originating from an historic dry cleaner on the property. The Grand Plaza Shopping Center located on Grand Avenue in Dallas, Texas has been the subject of extensive investigations and testing, including Brownfields Assessment Grants and a vapor intrusion study under EPA’s Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) program.

The City offered technical guidance to assist ICDC with the preparation of an application for a Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) to remove the groundwater ingestion pathway associated with the groundwater plume. An MSD process involves providing technical and location information to the City of Dallas and the TCEQ to demonstrate that there is no potable use of groundwater in the Site vicinity, and therefore that cleanup of groundwater to drinking water standards or other ingestion pathways is not required. W&M completed the CIty of Dallas MSD application, public meeting/City council hearing, TCEQ application, and final closure documation for this Site.

Greenway Investment Co.

W&M has had a long-term relationship with Greenway (local real estate developer) to perform a wide range of environmental projects including Phase I ESAs, Phase II Investigations, asbestos inspections, remediation projects, and site closures through the TCEQ VCP and Innocent Owner Program (IOP). Our work has included several challenging sites such as the former Exide battery facility on Motor Street (part of City of Dallas Brownfields project), former Alcatel facility in Richardson, and Gaston Avenue property (former dry cleaners that was granted a Municipal Setting Designation [MSD] by the City of Dallas). The MSD was utilized to close the site without long-term and very expensive groundwater remediation. W&M designed the response actions at this site and assisted the client with bidding support and contractor selection. W&M has closed a number of Greenway sites.

EPA Brownfields Phase I

W&M conducted Phase I ESAs on four properties in 2007 and 2008 for Ann Grimes as part of the Brownfields Assessment Grants from the EPA for the investigation of Brownfields properties within the City. As part of the program, the City partners with local property owners to perform environmental assessments of their property as one of the tools to evaluate environmental issues and promote redevelopment. W&M conducted utility line replacement through a former landfill site.