Large Oil-Service Company

W&M conducted a Phase I ESA for numerous parcels in an approximately 30,000 acre area in South Texas (Eagle Ford Shale). This assessment was part of the evaluation process for a property acquisition. W&M reviewed underdeveloped parcels that had already been developed with oil wells, injection wells, water well and other oil & gas operations. In addition to the basic ASTM Phase I ESA components, W&M reviewed social and environmental aspects that could potential impact the acquisition.

Oil wells produce more than Oil

Environmental Impacts of Produced Water. Pumping oil and gas out of the ground also produces large volumes of water sometimes with undesirable quality which is known as produced water. Safely disposing of this highly saline and metal impacted water and mitigating the effect of past disposal practices is a national concern for environmental officials, land managers, petroleum companies, and land owners.  It is important to develop cost-effective programs to assess the environmental impact caused by disposal of produced water and to clean up contamination related to the improper disposal of produced water. For more information please contact Frank Engallina.