Permit Required Confined Space Program Misconceptions

 Last month, we discussed common misconceptions about the Lockout/Tagout program. Many similar misconceptions exist about Permit-required Confined Space Programs and affect their implementation. The most common misconceptions are: My employees do not enter permit-required confined spaces; we use contractors, so I do not need a program. For permit-required confined spaces, the host employer performs the following items: Inform the contractor that the workplace contains permit spaces and that permit space entry is allowed only through compliance with a permit space program meeting the requirements of 1910.146. Apprise the contractor of the elements, identified hazards and any experience which makes the space a permit space. Apprise the contractor of any precautions or procedures that have been implemented for the protection of employees in or near permit spaces where contractor personnel will be working. Coordinate entry operations with the contractor. Debrief the contractor at the conclusion of the entry operations regarding
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Lockout/Tagout Program Misconceptions

As an EHS Consultant, I enjoy assisting companies with implementing lockout/tagout and confined space programs. Our clients understand the importance of a strong safety culture and the safety of their employees. They implement safety programs and training, and seek employee buy-in, to achieve the goal of a strong safety culture. They consider the risks employees may be exposed to and identify ways of mitigating those risks and develop their programs accordingly. I often perform audits and gap assessments of our clients’ current company programs and often find that I am addressing many of the same issues across multiple employers. Some of these issues are attributed to confusion on the applicability of the standard. Some common misconceptions are: I don’t need a program because we use contractors to complete maintenance activities and our employees do not perform lockout/tagout. In many cases, you may choose to eliminate lockout/tagout associated risks to your
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Lockout/Tagout and Permit-Required Confined Spaces: Program Implementation and Misconceptions

  • Lockout/Tagout and Permit-Required Confined Spaces
    April 25, 2019
    11:30 am - 12:30 pm

W&M safety expert Conan Reed will host a live webinar on Lockout/Tagout procedure and Permit-Required Confined Spaces. Program requirements, using contractors, hazards, facility liability, and misconceptions of program requirements will be discussed. Join us and register!   (more…)


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