Dallas Housing Authority

The W&M staff has worked with the DHA to remove a leaking PST, evaluate paint samples for lead-based paint (LBP), conduct Phase II Investigations, and evaluate/close site through the TCEQ VCP. W&M is currently working with the DHA to close their maintenance facility through the TCEQ VCP. The facility was impacted with an on-site leaking PST (LPST) and off-site chlorinated solvents (co-mingled plume). W&M has also worked with DHA to assess and remediate their former Superfund site.


W&M has a long history of working with AT&T on a wide range of projects dating back to 1998. Our work with AT&T has included Phase I ESAs, Phase II Investigations, removal of PSTs, closure of LPSTs through the TCEQ PST program (reimbursable and non-reimbursable sites), site remediation, and use of soil vapor extraction (SVE) as a treatment method. W&M has successfully worked with AT&T to become one of their prime contractors in Texas and surrounding states.

City of Plano

W&M has worked with the City of Plano on several projects beginning in 2000. Our work with the city has included Phase II Investigations, removal of a PST, and remediation/closure of the Tri-City (Plano, Richardson, and Garland) gun range. The gun range was impacted by lead and was entered into the TCEQ’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). W&M completed the VCP documentation, decontaminated the gun range, and remediated impacted soil. We utilized Tier II calculations to increase the cleanup concentration for soil lead and substantially decreased the costs for excavation and off-site disposal. This site has received a Final Certificate of Completion from the TCEQ.