It’s Crucial! Safety First…No Matter What!

As an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) consultant,  I am often asked to provide site level safety support overseeing multiple subcontractors.  I’ve found that the safety culture of our subcontractors varies greatly.  For example, the smaller subcontractors may not have the resources to implement a strong or well developed safety program. My job is to bridge the gap between the client and the subcontractors.  I’ve learned that regardless of the project type, a successful project is one in which safety is considered during the planning phase.  If you have a good understanding of your client’s safety culture and expectations from the start, you can pre-qualify your subcontractors for safety.  A contractor health and safety plan can be developed to include training requirements, injury reporting requirements and program requirements, and be provided to the contractors before they bid on the project.  Project communication and training can be tailored to fill the “gaps” that may
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