Oil Spill Response Auditing and Technical Oversight

As a result of the Deepwater Horizon MC252 incident in April 2010, W&M was contracted directly by BP to provide oversight and auditing of certain response contractors. W&M staff served on multiple audit teams that were tasked with evaluating the effectiveness of MC252 response operations and data reporting and to develop assurance regarding contractor delivery of services.

Audits that W&M participated in were designed to provide BP management and legal with important real time information on the effectiveness of response operations. W&M and the audit team evaluated and made recommendations in the following areas:

1.Organization effectiveness

2.Review of top-to-bottom assessment of the operations process

3.Communication and alignment issues

4.Data integrity and sampling effort

5.Health and Safety programs and culture

6.Staff expeience and training

7.Document control

In addition, W&M provided technical oversight and consultant management for selected real property contamination matters. W&M provides technical expertise to the BP legal group and reviews consultant scopes of work, cost proposals, and reports. W&M also provides field QA/QC oversight and participates in regulatory pathway determinations.

W&M Solutions

W&M experienced professionals assisted BP legal and management in evaluating the effectiveness of the MC252 response operations and provided technical expertise in a challenging and rapidly changing environment.