Cosmetics Manufacturer, Texas

W&M works at this cosmetic manufacturer (hair care products) on a daily basis serving as the in-house Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) manager. Our duties include general regulatory compliance, plant safety, and environmental training. W&M has also conducted a Phase I ESA, Phase II Investigation, remediation, closure through the TCEQ, and development of SWP3 plan for the facility.

Free Environmental Training For Real Estate Professionals

W&M Environmental provides training on environmental issues relevant to real estate deals.  Whether buying, selling or lending, these short presentations can help you and your staff understand environmental due diligence and on-going regulatory changes such as vapor intrusion. The presentations are typically 30 to 45 minute breakfast or luncheon sessions.  In the last month, W&M has conducted breakfast trainings for commercial real estate brokers, specific training for commercial realtors completing their annual licensing, and on-Site Lunch-N-Learn for a property developer.  These sessions are a terrific way to train or update your staff on environmental issues and strategies close deals despite environmental issues.  Presentations include Environmental 101, What is a Phase I ESA, Understanding Environmental Due Diligence, Environmental Strategies for Selling or Buying Contaminated Properties, etc.  The presentations are interactive so that you can ask questions as we go and at the end of the presentation.  And the best part, it’s
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