Waste Management Needs Everyone’s Help! If Not, It’s Just a Waste!

How often do you walk through your facility and spot an unlabeled or open waste container? As you walk through your plant and waste storage areas, do you see problems with waste and product management, such as missing signage or products stored outside of secondary containment. You think, “These problems weren’t here last week!”, and “What am I going to do, we have an internal audit is next month!!” As an ESH professional, it’s easy to “see” these items are not in compliance with the regulations. However, do the workers and supervisors understand the requirements AND the results if an outside agency finds them? For better or worse, most ESH professionals are responsible for all three areas of compliance – environmental, health and safety. Environmental compliance is a big responsibility, and one person can’t be in the entire facility every moment of every day. You need help! You could ask
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