Don’t Let Your Wastewater Knowledge Go Down The Drain

We all create wastewater every day, and for the most part, don’t give it a second thought. You wash your dishes and the water goes down the drain. You flush the toilet. You wash your car and the water runs off into the street or storm drain. But when a factory or industrial operation creates wastewater, it’s a different matter. Depending on how much wastewater is created and what types of pollutants or solids are involved, the business may need to obtain permits, build some type of wastewater treatment facility, or both. Failure to do so properly could create hazards to your employees, people in the community, wildlife, as well as the surrounding environment. Common types of wastewater and methods of dealing with wastewater issues including: Domestic wastewater from households & rural businesses Municipal wastewater from communities (sewage) Industrial wastewater from industrial activities Businesses call on W&M for assistance in handling the
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