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W&M Recently Closed Two Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) Projects

W&M recently closed two Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) projects for real estate development clients.  In both cases, the client’s goal was to obtain regulatory closure suitable for residential development.  In west Dallas, we completed an affected property assessment at a former commercial property contaminated with metals (arsenic, lead, cadmium), and removed waste material such as buried drums and scrap tires from the property.  Using site-specific soil and groundwater data, W&M was able to demonstrate that concentrations of metals remaining in surface soil met residential assessment levels and were not a threat to groundwater.  The TCEQ issued a Certificate of Completion for residential use of the property with no restrictions. 

In downtown San Antonio, a property located on the San Antonio River was found to contain concentrations of metals and semi-volatile organic compounds above action levels in surface and subsurface soil.  Most of the impacted soil was removed during excavation related to development plans.  With the collection of site-specific soil and groundwater data, W&M was able to demonstrate that groundwater was not affected or threatened by the release and that human health exposure targets were met.  During the course of the investigation, TCEQ published updates to the Tier 1 Protective Concentration Levels which allowed some of the previously-identified chemicals of concern in soil to remain in place without further assessment or removal.  This property also received a Certificate of Completion from TCEQ for unrestricted residential use. 

If you have any questions about these VCP Closures, or have a property that you are considering to redevelop, please contact Trudy Hasan.

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