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January Employee Spotlight: Britney Kasper

Meet our featured January Employee Spotlight and 2018 Employee of the Year, Britney Kasper!

Britney Kasper grew up in the Houston, Texas area and graduated from Texas A&M University College Station with a Bachelor of Science in Bioenvironmental Sciences. Working at the W&M San Antonio Office for just a little over one year, Britney works as a Staff Professional II in a wide range of remediation and compliance field work. She does field evaluations, data analysis, collects groundwater and soil samples, conducts visible emissions inspections, Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure inspections, and remediation oversight. She has also assisted in wetland delineations, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.

Early on, Britney exhibited her dedication and drive. Directly after starting at W&M, Britney took on the role of Field Team Lead for an Auto Salvage and Insurance Site in San Antonio, working on a large-scale tire removal project. Gary Tiedeman, Division Manager for the W&M San Antonio office, commended her work on the project. “She coordinated contractors, trucking companies, regulatory personnel, and W&M support staff and communicated with local and off-site Client personnel providing status updates on a very high-profile project. It was one of the larger former tire disposal sites in the State. After four long months at the Site and a lot of challenges along the way, all of the tires were removed and the Site was ready for development. Britney then jumped in to help on a wide variety of investigation, remediation, and compliance projects, willing to help perform all project related tasks to broaden her experience. She always has a very positive attitude, is willing to accept any task or role, and communicates very well with project managers and other technical staff.”

Outside of work, Britney loves playing with her two miniature dachshunds and working with her horses. She is a devoted fan of Texas A&M football, her alma mater team, and every season she joins her husband and his family’s tailgate at every home game. When looking to have fun outside of Texas, Britney and her husband continue their travel tradition – alternating travel plans to a national destination one year and an international destination the following year.

W&M is grateful to have excellent employees like Britney taking the initiative on large projects and being a wonderful representative for the company and its values. Britney says of W&M, “I love the culture at W&M, each person is recognized for their individual personalities, knowledge and dedication. W&M is more like one big family where the atmosphere is relaxed and unique.” Not only is Britney’s contribution to W&M valuable and impactful, she is all-around a very positive and resourceful individual. Britney is always willing to push herself, and always with a smile!

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