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Meet W&M’s New Marketing Associate

W&M welcomes our newest team member, Lydia Gross! Lydia grew up in New Jersey and moved to Texas at the age of 12. She graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in sociology and has taken on the challenge of marketing! Lydia enjoys painting, being outdoors and biking, and taking her golden retriever, Jack, to the lake. She is a self-proclaimed professional eater and is always on the quest to find the spiciest dishes. Lydia particularly loves dramatic films and romcoms and you can often find her poring over Rotten Tomatoes reviews to guarantee her the most cathartic cry. Her dream vacation destinations are Thailand and Korea, and her bucket list items are to swim with sea turtles and to hike the Himalayas. She is eager to dive in and aid in W&M’s marketing efforts. Her goals are to make our content and services more visible, accessible, and engaging for the public and our clients. Lydia has already expressed how welcoming and kind W&M and our employees have been as she has come onboard and is incredibly enthusiastic to contribute value to W&M moving forward!


If you’d like to welcome Lydia, you can contact her at lgross@wh-m.com



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