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W&M Consultants Publish Peer Reviewed Article in the Remediation Journal

W&M Senior Consultant Jim Florey, PG, CPSS was the lead author of a peer-reviewed article that will be published in December’s edition of the Remediation Journal. W&M Principal Andy Adams, CHMM assisted as second author and Mr. Larry Michel as the study leader.

The article is entitled: Reductive Dechlorination of a Chlorinated Solvent Plume in Houston, Texas.  The article focuses on W&M’s remediation of a chlorinated solvent plume extending from a historical automotive repair facility.  The Consultants used enhanced reductive dechlorination to aid in the substantial decrease of chlorinated solvent concentrations within the plume.  Enhancement was supplied by using a green technology biostimulation amendment.

Andy Adams, the second author and Gulf Coast Regional Manager, said of the article, “I think it displays the wealth of knowledge on remediation that is contained in house at W&M Environmental Group. The Client required cost-effective, out-of-the-box solutions, and the consultants delivered with a very cost-conscious amendment that was just as, if not more, effective than other products on the market. Publishing the paper was a really nice addition to the project and the pursuit of real remediation science.”

Mr. Michel passed away from cancer a few years prior to the article’s publication and the authors thought it was only right to honor his memory through co-authorship.

To receive a copy of the manuscript or to inquire about a possible remediation project you might need help on, call or email Jim Florey at 713-316-0025 or [email protected].

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