Braun Intertec Develops PFAS Investigation and Remediation at City Redevelopment

Client: Municipality
Location: Twin Cities Area, Minnesota
Project: PFAS and Freon Investigation and Remediation

Project Description
The Client redeveloped an abandoned ice arena, former fire training facility and public works facility into a new City Municipal Civic Center campus. The site was contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from the historical firefighting operations, as well as petroleum from several tank leaks, volatile organic compounds and carbon tetrachloride (a contaminant in Freon) from the former ice arena operations.

Project Details:
The site had shallow groundwater which required special handling and disposal due to dissolved impacts. The shallow groundwater and the planned sub-surface construction of portions of the new city hall required additional analysis and design to prevent water infiltration into the newly constructed building basement and mobilization of the existing groundwater impacts at the site from PFAS and petroleum compounds.

Braun Solutions:
Braun Intertec provided environmental support for the City and ts development partners to facilitate the investigation, remediation and successful redevelopment of the site. The project included a comprehensive environmental investigation with multiple rounds of soil borings, temporary and permanent groundwater monitoring wells, test trenches, and sampling of nearby municipal drinking water supply wells. The results of the investigations were used to design a remedial clean up approach which included targeted soil excavation, construction of an impervious cap, lining of stormwater features to prevent infiltration and mobilization of residual impacts, soil venting, and hydrogeology studies to evaluate the risk to nearby municipal wells.

If you have any questions regarding this project or PFAS Assessments, please contact Mark Keefer. 

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