City of Dallas Misc. Services

Client: City of Dallas, Office of Environmental Quality
Location: Dallas, Texas

W&M was retained by the City of Dallas to remove underground storage tanks (USTs) and hydraulic lift (UHL) from a former filling station/dry cleaner property (Site). The unregistered USTs did not have a facility ID with the TCEQ PST program. W&M conducted oversight of the removal of the tank system and UHL by a TCEQ licensed contractor. The USTs and UHL were removed from the ground and transported to an approved, off-Site location for destruction. Associated dispenser bases and product piping were also removed from the property and disposed at an approved, off-Site location. Following tank system removal, W&M collected soil confirmation samples from the tank holds, pipe chases, and dispensers. No chemicals of concern were detected above laboratory reporting limits in the confirmation samples.

Soil confirmation samples were also collected from the floor and sidewalls of the UHL excavation. Petroleum hydrocarbons were detected in soil samples collected from the floor and two sidewalls of the UHL excavation. Supplemental testing indicated no COCs were present above the established PST action levels. A Release determination report was prepared in accordance with TCEQ procedures and submitted for approval and submission to the agency.

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