Compliance Assistance for Chemical Producer

Client: Chemical Company
Location: Nine Sites throughout TX, AR, OK, WV, and CO
Project: Regulatory Compliance Assistance
Manager: Jennifer Adams

Project Description

W&M Environmental was authorized by the Client to provide regulatory compliance assistance with stormwater, regulatory reporting, and other environmental compliance assistance for each of the nine Sites, as needed, located throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Colorado.

Project Details

W&M has been working with this chemical company since 2007, assisting with regulatory compliance, particularly Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWP3), Tier II and Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reporting, and waste handling and disposal.  Each year, W&M has helped at various Client Sites to provide support with stormwater (SWP3 inspections, best management practice (BMP) evaluation, spill cleanup procedures and cleanup material, pollution prevention and permit requirements), the preparation of Tier II and TRI reports for Client Sites, and has met more specific needs for each of the Sites.

W&M Solutions

Throughout the last decade,  W&M Environmental has provided environmental consulting services for this Client in locations throughout the U.S. For this particular project, W&M aided various Client Sites in the creation of a SWP3, and the preparation and submission of the annual Benchmark Monitoring Reports (BMRs).  In accordance with routine regulatory permit renewal cycles industrial facilities, W&M ensured that the relevant Client facilities updated their SPW3 and renewed their respective permits.  W&M has trained applicable on-Site personnel on SPW3 requirements, maintenance procedures, and cleanup procedures according to the needs of each Site.  Due to the facilities’ production and/or or handling of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite, and/or sodium hydroxide, they are required to submit Tier II and TRI reports annually.  W&M prepared and completed the Tier II and TRI reports for each facility as applicable and also provided up to 26 hours of safety assistance.  For industrial facilities, W&M is a reliable support for any compliance assistance needs and enjoys providing outstanding service to Clients that seek our services year after year.

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