Braun Intertec Provides Firestopping Solutions for Facilities Including New Texas Rangers’ Ballpark

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Texas Rangers
Braun Intertec provides 3rd party firestop specialty inspection services per 2015 International Building Code to the Texas Rangers organization for their new stadium project. The intention of this inspection process is to clearly identify and communicate construction deficiencies as they pertain to firestopping. Through detailed Firestopping Inspection reports, project officials have the tools necessary to effectively make corrective changes to ensure they are meeting all code requirements. This process helps to ensure all firestopping has been installed to meet manufacturers requirements and any related ASTM testing standards.

Existing healthcare facility customer
Braun Intertec provides a 3rd party Barrier Management service for all existing firestopping of fire rated barriers prior to accreditation compliance audits. This process includes document review of any life safety drawing packages, specifications, and submittals. Additionally, Braun Intertec provides detailed reports identifying existing firestopping deficiencies, which helps the facility team establish a course of action to remedy firestopping by installing tested systems to meet current code requirements.

Minnesota education system (School Renovations)
Braun Intertec provides a 3rd party specialty firestop inspection service per 2015 MN state building code to individual school corporations across the state of Minnesota. These services help ensure firestopping has been installed on the project per the ASTM standards as governed by the International Building Code. When installed properly, these systems have been backed by testing to ensure life safety measures are achieved through proper installation. The inspection process includes document review, thorough inspections, and the production of detailed reports which identify any deficiencies as they pertain to the installed firestop systems as governed by the ASTM standards.

If you have any questions about these projects or firestopping work, please contact firestopping expert, Eric Bergman. On June 27, we will host a live webinar on the process of protecting your building from a spreading fire, and protecting your employees or coworkers from the dangers of spreading smoke with firestopping systems.


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