Former Battery Disposal Facility

Client: Poly-Cycle
Location: Palmer, TX

W&M assisted potentially responsible parties (PRP) in the closure of former battery disposal facility in Palmer, Texas. This site contained approximately 20,000 cubic yards of battery casing chips and other battery related waste materials. W&M conducted field investigations to delineate the environmental impacts, developed a site closure acceptable to the TCEQ, prepared plans and specifications to implement closure plan, assisted with selection of remediation contractor, and performed confirmation sampling and regulatory coordination. The remediation plan consisted of a RCRA-type solid waste management unit (SWMU) consolidating on-site waste materials and impacted soils. The SWMU was capped using on-site clay and the site was issued a VCP Final Certificate of Completion. W&M significantly reduces site closure costs by keeping the wastes on site (no off-site disposal) and utilizing Tier II calculations to minimize on-site excavation volumes.

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