Former Machine Shop Closure in Houston

storage tanks
Client: Real Estate Investor
Location: Houston, Texas

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) issued a Certificate of Completion (COC) applied for by W&M Environmental Group, Inc. (W&M).  W&M’s client, a real estate investor, leased to a tenant who impacted the property with chlorinated solvents and gasoline constituents prior to moving their operations several years ago. The release came from closed in-place Underground Storage Tanks (USTs). The Site was closed utilizing a Municipal Setting Designation (MSD). The MSD provides an ordinance against using the groundwater as a potable resource. By securing the MSD ordinance, the groundwater ingestion pathway is removed from consideration and allowed the property to receive its COC. This is the first MSD approved by any of the Houston Villages when Bunker Hill Village approved a resolution supporting the MSD after W&M hosted an informational session at a City Council meeting.

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