Heavy Equipment Operator Training

Client: Large Equipment Manufacturer
Location: Denison, TX
Project: Safety Training

Project Description:

W&M developed and provided hoist and rigging training for equipment operators in accordance with the Client and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements (i.e., 29 Code of Federal Regulations [CFR] 1910.179 and 1910.184).

Project Details:

W&M has been providing compliance services for this Client since 2009. For this particular project, the Client requested W&M develop and deliver classroom and hands-on hoist and rigging training for its authorized employees that operate of overhead and gantry cranes. Safety should be the first and most fundamental priority when performing lifting operations. Overhead cranes, hoists and rigging must be inspected before use and operators must be adequately trained in order to perform critical lifts safely. The expertise, skills and training it requires to operate and inspect overhead cranes, hoists and rigging is not to be taken lightly and operators must be adequately trained to understand how these machines function inside and out.

W&M Solutions

To ensure Client employees follow safety procedures and operate equipment in a secure fashion, W&M provided four hoist and rigging training classes for the overhead and gantry crane operators. These training classes were conducted in accordance with Client and OSHA requirements and included important information such as major operational components of equipment, emergency shutdown procedures, how to control loads, and personnel safety. This training permits employees to operate equipment effectively and to perform daily inspections of hoists and slings – a procedure that is crucial in ensuring proper operation and general safety. In addition to classroom instruction and in typical W&M fashion, our experts went into the production area to perform hands-on instruction right on the shop floor – allowing employees to visually inspect and operate overhead hoists and rigging with step-by-step guidance. W&M helps make safety the first and foremost priority in daily operations at Industrial sites.

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