Remediation and VCP Closure of Gun Range

Client: City of Plano
Location: Tri-City Firing Range - Plano, Texas

The Tri-City Firing Range, located in Plano, Texas (Site), has been utilized for police officer training purposes since its construction in the 1980s. Lead was identified in the soil on the property and sediments of an adjacent creek bed. W&M entered the Site into the TCEQ VCP, conducted soil and groundwater sampling to delineate the impact, developed the required VCP documents, completed limited soil excavation and off-Site disposal, and received final closure through the VCP.

On-Site sampling identified shallow surface soil impacts and only limited impacts to the sediment in the creek. No groundwater impact was identified at the Site. Once the Site was delineated, W&M developed a Response Action Plan (RAP) that was approved by the TCEQ and quickly completed by excavation and off-Site diposal. W&M determined that the Site could be closed under Remedy Standard A with and alternative cleanup level utilizing a transport model to verify determine a Tier 2 Protective concentration Level and thereby increasing the cleanup level from 15 mg/kg (State background for soil lead) to 500 mg/kg. This process allowed W&M to perform less remediation and, thereby, substantially decrease the remediation costs associated with this project. The project was completed on-schedule and on-budget even when additional tasks were requested by the City of Plano.

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