W&M Procures Closure After Pipeline Spill in South Texas

Client: Pipeline and Terminal Operator
Location: South Texas
Project: Pipeline Spill and Remediation

Project Description
W&M conducted a site remediation involving the removal and disposal of approximately 100,000 cubic yards of impacted soil resulting from a pipeline gasoline release. The client’s objective was to remove all impacts to avoid possible long-term liabilities.  Following initial emergency response actions completed by others, W&M worked with the Client to develop an excavation and sampling strategy, and to negotiate optimal rates with disposal facilities.  Project activities by W&M included remedial alternatives analysis, liability estimates, project management, oversight of soil removal, and transportation contractors, confirmation sampling, data evaluation, preparation of a Response Action Completion Report (RACR), and coordination with the state regulatory agency.  Approval for site closure was obtained from the TCEQ under its Corrective Action Program in accordance with the requirements of the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP).

Project Details
The soil removal activities included field screening of excavated soil to facilitate the segregation of impacted material and clean overburden. Impacted soils were also segregated by Class 1 and Class 2 non-hazardous waste to help control costs.  Confirmation samples were collected on a 40-foot grid from the sidewalls and floor of the excavation.  W&M coordinated with the local electric utility to relocate support structures for an overhead electric transmission line that crossed the excavation area.  In addition, two pipelines were temporarily relocated to allow for the excavation of impacted soil to a depth of 20 feet along approximately 1000 feet of pipeline right-of-way (ROW).  W&M subcontracted the compaction testing of soil placed back in the pipeline ROW.  W&M also assisted in the procurement and testing of suitable fill used for site restoration.

W&M Solutions
W&M assisted in remediating the pipeline spill in a manner that met the Clients’ need to avoid long-term liabilities in a timely and cost-effective manner.  The team on-site took great care to limit total soil removed, and to classify the soil accurately for disposal without mixing more heavily impacted soils.  Closure under the TCEQ Texas Risk Reduction Program was achieved with no post-closure care requirements and the site was restored to the satisfaction of the landowner as negotiated by the Client!

If you have questions about this project or spill response, please contact Diana Rader, P.G.

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