Wastewater Treatment Facility – Design and Construction

Client: Confidential
Location: Texas Panhandle
Project: Temporary Waste Water Treatment Plant
Manager: Nick Foreman

Project Details

W&M was tasked with redesigning a wastewater treatment system for size correction and future use (right-sizing).  W&M was also tasked with evaluating costs from existing engineering plans to meet the new waste profile needs. W&M worked closely with the facility and their corporate engineering staff to select equipment that best suits current and future site needs. Following the system redesign approval process, we selected vendors, suppliers, and site contractors and began construction activities. Active daily management and oversight of the construction team was the key factor in tracking progress onsite, maintaining the construction schedule, and keeping the team safe. Following construction of the equipment and associated facilities we provided startup assistance, post-startup monitoring, and operator training & documentation.

W&M Solutions

W&M leveraged solid working relationships, technical know-how, and clear communications to complete the installation and startup of the wastewater treatment system on time and on budget.

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