W&M Closes Coolant Spill Project

Client: Steel Manufacturer
Location: Houston, Texas
Project: Spill Response
Manager: Austin Heider

Project Description
W&M provided environmental services, including spill and emergency response services for the Client. In May 2017, the Client contracted W&M to assist with the assessment and remediation of a coolant discharge that occurred at their manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas.  The Client’s objective was to remove all impacted on-Site soil and remediate and restore the adjacent drainage ditch efficiently and effectively.  W&M assisted the Client with the development of a Sampling Analysis Plan (SAP) that would meet the requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the City of Houston (COH) Stormwater Quality Enforcement Section.

Project Details
In May 2017, a bleeder valve on an air pressure tank was left open at the Client facility releasing approximately 50 gallons of coolant (containing trace amounts of hydrocarbons) into an on-Site drainage culvert that discharges to an off-Site COH drainage ditch.  To minimize transportation of the coolant in the drainage ditch, W&M assisted the Client with the installation of cofferdams upstream and downstream of the discharge point.  Vacuum trucks were utilized to pump out the drainage ditch containing coolant, excavation activities were initiated to remove the surface soils impacted on-Site and off-Site, and sediment removal occurred in the drainage ditch to remove any material that may have contained hydrocarbons from the coolant discharge.  W&M implemented the TCEQ approve SAP and collected surface soil samples, sediment samples, and stormwater samples from the drainage ditch to confirm the removal of all impacted media.  W&M and the Client received closure under the TCEQ Spill Rules, and no further post-response action was required.

W&M Solutions
W&M assisted the Client in remediating the on-Site impacts and restoring the adjacent drainage ditch to the satisfaction of the TCEQ and COH Stormwater Section.  Working closely with the TCEQ, W&M and the Client received closure under the TCEQ Spill Rules, and no further post-response action was required at the Site.

You can register here if you are interested in joining our Spill Response Preparation webinar on August 22nd and if you have questions about this project, please contact Mr. Heider. 


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