Confined Space Evaluations

A confined space is defined as any location that has limited openings for entry and egress, is not intended for continuous employee occupancy, and is so enclosed that natural ventilation may not reduce air contaminants to levels below the threshold limit value (TLV).  Entry into confined spaces without proper precautions could result in injury, impairment, or death due to:

  • An atmosphere that is flammable or explosive;
  • Lack of sufficient oxygen to support life;
  • Contact with or inhalation of toxic materials; or
  • General safety or work area hazards, such as steam or high pressure materials.


W&M Environmental has conducted surveys to identify confined spaces and evaluations to determine whether the confined spaces meet the criteria of a “permit required confined space” (PRCS).  The evaluation develops an inventory of locations and/or equipment that meet the definition of a permit-required confined space and documents the space-specific hazards and controls.  W&M has also developed PRCS entry procedures and conducted employee training for permit-required confined spaces as well.