Municipal Setting Designation – Texas Only

The Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) is an established program in Texas in which the municipality develops an ordinance prohibiting the use of groundwater in a designated area. Once the MSD is approved on the local level, it is sent to the TCEQ for final review. Although the MSD may eliminate or increase groundwater and the resulting soil clean up concentrations, it does not, in and of itself, provide “closure” of contaminated sites. The MSD is utilized with one of the TCEQ’s other programs such as VCP or Corrective Action Program to get a final closure in the form of a Certificate of Completion or No Further Action Letter. In view of the difficultly and cost of remediation and closing chlorinated solvent sites, the MSD is an excellent risk-based alternative to long term pump and treat or monitored natural attenuation.

W&M has completed or worked on more than 30 MSD projects for a variety of clients. Our staff of experts can assist you with the MSD application process, submission of reports to the city and state, project management, and final closure certification through the TCEQ VCP or Corrective Action Program.