Regulatory Reporting/Permitting

One key to achieving and maintaining compliance with regulations is completing and submitting required reports on-time. W&M Environmental can assist with regulatory reporting by preparing:

  • Annual Hazardous Waste Report
  • Pollution Prevention (P2) Annual Progress Report
  • Tier II Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Forms
  • Toxic Release Inventory (Form A & R)
  • Storm Water Benchmark Monitoring and Discharge Monitoring Reports
  • Wastewater discharge (POTW, NPDES, TPDES)
  • Local city reports, or
  • Internal company required reports


Knowing the regulations under which you are subject is the first step toward compliance.  Often, environmental regulations require a permit for operating, generating/transporting/disposing of waste, or discharge of chemicals (air, water). Not only can W&M help you identify these regulations, but we can also assist with obtaining the necessary permits for your operations.

Heather Woodward hosts a webinar on Tips on Accurate Environmental Reporting.  Watch webinar below.