Wetland Delineation

Braun Intertec / W&M offers a variety of wetland delineation services and permit or compliance assistance. Our wetland determination services range from a simple determination to state whether wetlands exist on a property to the identification and marking of wetland boundaries. More importantly, we can provide the documentation to demonstrate whether wetlands on your property are subject to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers jurisdiction, and provide consultation whether a permit is required for work that may affect wetlands.

For projects that impact wetlands (Waters of the U.S.) where the Corps of Engineers has jurisdiction, we can assist in the preparation of the appropriate permit documents to allow work to be completed in compliance with Federal and State law. When a project requires mitigation of wetland impacts, we can assist you in the acquisition of wetland bank credits or in the design of new or restored wetlands.

Watch our webinar on Defining US Waters and Wetland Permitting below.