Andy Adams, CHMM, CAPM

Regional Manager

Environmental Experience

Andy Adams is an environmental fate and transport chemist with over 15 years of experience in a wide range of environmental projects. Mr. Adams is recognized and published for his expertise in fate, transport, and degradation of environmental pollutants and consults in the field of Integrated Site Closure of large industrial, petrochemical, manufacturing, and oil & gas facilities. He has specific experience in the remediation and bioremediation of impacted soil and groundwater, brownfield transactions, and corrective action programs. Mr. Adams has additional experience in ecological risk assessments and investigation, as it relates to the role pollutants play in exposure, risk, and effects on human and ecological health. His specific skills include source and fate identification/modeling of chemicals, chemical injections, bioremediation, and a wide variety of sampling procedures in many media. Mr. Adams has managed projects regulated by a variety of state and federal regulatory agencies under separate and diverse regulations including voluntary cleanup programs, corrective action programs, innocent owner programs, and superfund oversight programs. Mr. Adams has worked on high profile matters such as the Deepwater Horizon incident, the Closure of the Brown & Root Shipyard/Campus, the portfolio closure of a Fortune 500 company’s liabilities, and the establishment of companywide environmental management structures.


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies at the University of Kansas

Master of Science in Environmental Health (Environmental Chemistry) at the University of Minnesota